Modernizing Hospital Food Management Software

Boost departmental efficiency, elevate patient satisfaction and optimize cost savings and food waste reduction with Banquet Health's state-of-the-art solution

For Staff

Refined with a highly intuitive user interface, our software ensures minimal onboarding times and promotes increased staff adoption.

For Patients

Our proprietary app empowers patients to conveniently order personalized meals from their bed while providing real-time feedback to management.

For Management

Our analytics dashboard provides real-time insights into critical staff, patient, and operational data, empowering management with continuous visibility.

“I am excited to see Banquet grow into a market that desperately needs updating!.. I love the clean look of the program. A far cry from all the other options out there.”

Clinical Nutrition Manager
MA Hospital

“I am very impressed by the functionality and up to date technology it has to offer and wish we could transition to it right away!”

‍‍TN Hospital

“This is way more intuitive to use than [competitor]’s software. It’s day and night.”

Director of Food and Nutrition
‍‍NJ Hospital

“I love the flexibility of the diet rules. It allows for less of a reliance on work arounds. Each work around is an opportunity for human error.”

Director of Food and Nutrition
‍‍‍CA Hospital

“an excellent service that has the power to transform the healthcare/food service industry.”

‍‍NC Hospital

“[The software] looks wonderful and addresses many of the problems that myself, other providers and patients encounter on a daily basis.”

‍‍SC Hospital

“Your product is amazing and will change the entire atmosphere of the food service management tech world.”

‍‍FL Hospital

“I don’t have all this functionality. This will meaningfully make life easier.”

Director of Food and Nutrition
‍‍‍AL Hospital

One comprehensive solution for all of your workflows

Banquet Health is the only solution that reduces staffing pressure, improves patient care, increases operational efficiency, and minimizes costs in a single platform.

Manage Data and Inventory Efficiently

Banquet Health's user-friendly platform supports increased staff adoption, while improved data entry processes and real-time analytics provide managers with constant visibility and smarter inventory management, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced waste.

Ensure High-Quality Patient Care

Banquet's mobile app empowers patients with control over their food experience, allowing remote meal ordering and real-time feedback. With seamless EMR data syncing, we ensure the safety of patients with specific food requirements and allergies.

Get Real-Time Insights with Cloud Technology

Banquet Health's cloud-based platform offers numerous advantages over legacy tech. With scalable infrastructure, enhanced security, and real-time data synchronization and analytics, Banquet Health ensures a modern and efficient solution for hospital food management.

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